Vraj Mrudang Parikh

About Me


I am a Junior Undergraduate pursuing Integrated Bachelor and Masters in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. I aim to pursue my Masters Thesis in the field of control systems and robotic implementations in manufacturing and automobile industry


I spent my childhood in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India and am currently a resident of Meghnad Saha Hall of Residence IIT Kharagpur, West Bengal (soon to be bengal), India.


My research interests include Robot Control Systems, Frugal Embedded Design, Sensor Based Localization and Computer Vision. I have recently been introduced to Aerial Robotics. Also, I like to simplify mechanical designs of implementation to reduce number of moving parts in a robot
I love building hardware products and seek to design and develop innovative products using my knowledge and expertise which changes how humans live and interact with each other and devices.


I enjoy adventure sports and arguably claim to have tried all water sports. I love to explore the world of music and philosophy, have been exposed to debating since a pretty young age. Recently, i have acquired taste for global finance, diplomatic and political reading/debates. Usually I would be found binge watching TV shows or supporting Manchester United every Weekend. I might also be found lazing, trying to become a pokemon master(VGC Championships)


Electro Pneumatic Quickshifting

Electro Pneumatic Quickshifting for FSAE Vehicle

August 15' - March 16'

First Design for Eccentric Differential Mounts

Eccentric Differential Mounts for FSAE Vehicle

March 16' to Present

Electronic CUT Shifting for FSAE

Electronic CUT Shifting with Launch Control

August 16' - Present

Steering of Autonomous Bicycle

Steering System - I Bike, Low Cost Autnomous Bicycle

Jan 15' - April 15'

Chebyshev Walking Mechanism

Synthesis of a Chebyshev Plantigrade Machine

April 15'

Model of a Self Balancing Robot

Self - Balancing Robot

December 14'

Corridor Following Using SONAR

Corridor Following Robot using SONAR

August 15'



August 15' - Present

Robot Dog

Motion Mimicing Robot

December 15'


Obstacle Avoidance And Control On Autonomous Bicycle

January 15' - April 15'

Autonomous Campus Bot

Autonomous Campus Rover

August 16' - Present

Tarot Bee

System Engineering of Quadrotors

November 16' - January 17'

Hobby Robotics

Hobby Robotics

July 14' - Present

Warehouse, ROBOTIX 2016


January 16'

AntiVirus, ROBOTIX 2017


In Progress

Generic Coding Logo

Hobby Coding Projects

July 14' - Present


Technology Robotix Society Logo

Head, Technology Robotix Society

February 2016 onwards

Head of the first ever Open-To-All Maker-Space Lab at IIT Kharagpur to allow easy access of Electronics Equipments and Mechanical Prototyping facility for the student community.

Lead Event Designer of Autonomous Robotics event Antivirus implementing odometric control and Localization using SONAR.Currently Heading KRAIG, where I teach freshmen and sophomores about robotics, also its course designer.

Team KART Logo

Chief Transmission Engineer/ Transmission Team Head, Team KART

January 2016 onwards

Heading the powertrain division of Team KART, currently working on modular halfshafts, eccentric differential mounts and electronic CUT shifting. Also raised INR 10 Lakh for the team. Aiming to participate in FS-UK 2017


Student Coordinator, Centre for Excellence in Robotics

March 2015 -onwards

Student point of contact between the robotics research gropus and institute authorities.Centre for Excellence in Robotics, is a MHRD funded centre recognised by the institute.